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How-to install and start learning Eclipse Capella™


Get Capella on the download page.

Then, please read through this guide that provides instructions for installing Capella.


This project is a tutorial that follows the steps to design a Toy Catapult to enable a parent and child to have fun together.

This example is adapted from the book Jackson, P. L. (2009). Getting design right: a systems approach. CRC Press

Tutorial - Toy Catapult Project

Instructions to follow the tutorial


Teaching resources

Are you teaching Systems Engineering or MBSE? Benefit from material that can help you to build your courses.

Academic material

Sample models

Sample examples of Capella projects are available to familiarize yourself with the concepts manipulated in Capella, the different engineering phases of Arcadia, and the good practices on how to model your system of interest through efficient means and ergonomic facilities.

Note: IFE is embedded within Capella distribution

Extensions and Viewpoints

Some add-ons to Capella can be installed to provide additional features (team work, documentation generation, etc).

To install Capella extensions have a look to the installation procedure.


If you need help about the Capella workbench, you can post questions on the forum or contact professional experts.